We sell containers

Used storage containers are cargo containers that have been retired from shipping service and can provide cost effective long-term secure storage. These containers built of steel, made to carry 26 to 34 Tons of cargo. Used shipping containers available on the market are usually around 10 to 15 years old.

If you need a used container for the shipment of cargo we recommend that the container be certified or checked to Cargo Worthy (CW) or IICL. This container much like the storage container will be submitted to a thorough survey in order to make sure that it is Wind and Water Tight. Special attention will also be paid to the under-structure in order to make sure it can be lifted with a full load of cargo, thus making it Cargo Worthy.

We also sell new build containers. 

  • 20'dry new or secondhand
  •                      20'dry highcube                            
  • 20'reefer secondhand (on demand)
  • 40'reefer highcube secondhand (on demand)
  • 40'dry or highcube secondhand
  • 20' or 40' opentop (on demand)

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Dimensions and weights for all types of container : here