Terminal handling costs in Wallis & Futuna

Ports of Mata Utu and Sigave are FIO ports.

This means the freight rate does not include the costs of loading, discharge and stevedoring operations.

  • Stevedoring costs

It is most important to remember that the "free" reference is viewed from the carriers point of view - not the shipper's. Some shippers get caught out when they read the word "free" as they incorrectly believe that it refers to them.

Freight rates quoted on a FIOS basis specifically exclude all aspects relating to cargo handling operations. The ship is only responsible for expenses arising as a result of the ship calling into the port, i.e. tugs, pilots and light dues etc.

Normally, Terminal handling charges (THC) for exports is collected from shipper by shipping lines while releasing Bill of Lading after completion of export customs clearance procedures. Let the sale contract between buyer and seller be anything, the THC at port of loading need to be paid at load port only. As per terms of delivery, if buyer has to pay such load port THC, such THC is paid at load port by either buyer’s representative or his authorized agent.  The import terminal handling charges is collected by shipping carriers at the time of issuing delivery order to consignee to take delivery of goods.

Stevedore rates  here

  • Other costs

Costs such as reefer power and monitoring are charged by the carrier's agent.

Reefer containers require special care after they are unloaded from the ship. These containers need to be supplied with power, monitored closely for proper function.

Port tax is invoiced by the shipping line to the consignee. It costs 1400xpf per R/T (Tonne or CBM) on the breakbulk or on LCL, 42000xpf for a 20' (FCL), and 84000xpf for a 40' (FCL). This is applicable on all imported or exported cargo.

Cleaning fees are invoiced by the shipping line  to the consignee. It costs 1000xpf per R/T (tonne or CBM) for LCL, 20000xpf for a 20' (FCL), and 40000xpf for a 40' (FCL). This is applicable on all imported or exported cargo.

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